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Piano Quintet

1 Brahms: Piano Quintet, op.34

1 Dvorak: Piano Quintet, op.81

1 Franck: Piano Quintet

Piano Quartet

​1 Faure: Piano Quartet Nr.1, op.15

1 Mendelssohn: Piano Quartet Nr.1 , op.1

1 Mozart: Piano Quartet, kv.493

1 Saint-Saëns: Piano Quartet, op.41

1 Schumann: Piano Quartet, op.47



Piano Trio

6 Arensky:  Piano Trio Nr.1, op.32

27 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.1-1

5 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.1-3

24 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.11

10 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.70-1 (Ghost)

2 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.70-2

6 Beethoven:  Piano Trio, op.97 (Archduke)

1 Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.6

8 Brahms: Piano Trio Nr.1, op.8

3 Brahms: Piano Trio Nr.2, op.87

16 Debussy: Piano Trio

4 Dvorak: Piano Trio Nr.3, op.65

11 Faure: Piano Trio, op.120

2 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/C1

2 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/21

1 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/22

2 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/24

20 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/25 (Gypsy)

5 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/27

2 Haydn: Piano Trio, Hob. xv/35

2 Haydn: Presto

3 Klengel: Piano Trio, op.35-1

2 Klengel: Piano Trio, op.35-2

22 Menldessohn: Piano Trio Nr.1, op.49

7 Menldessohn: Piano Trio Nr.2, op.66

18 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.254

1 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.493

1 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.498 (Kegelstatt)

12 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.502

8 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.542

6 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.548

7 Mozart: Piano Trio, k.564

1 Schubert: Allegro, D.28

6 Schubert: Piano Trio Nr.1, op.99

6 C. Schumann: Piano Trio, op.17

1 Schumann: Fantasiestücke, op.88

4 Vanhal: Piano Trio

1 Weber: Terzetinno

String Quartet

1 Schubert: String Quartet Nr.14 (Death and Maiden)

Violin/Viola Duo


2 Bach: Viola Sonata Nr.1, BWV 1014

4 Beethoven: Violin Sonata Nr.1, op.12-1

8 Beethoven: Violin Sonata Nr.5, op.24

3 Beethoven: Violin Sonata Nr.7, op.30-2

1 Brahms: Viola Sonata Nr.1, op.120-1

1 Brahms: Viola Sonata Nr.2, op.120-2

4 Brahms: Violin Sonata Nr.1, op.78

6 Brahms: Violin Sonata Nr.2, op.100

7 Brahms: Violin Sonata Nr.3, op.108

1 Bruch: Romanze, op.85

1 Debussy: Violin Sonata

1 Dvorak: 4 Romantic pieces, op.75

2 Dvorak: Sonatina, op.100

1 Faure: Après un rêve

3 Faure: Violin Sonata No.1, op.13

1 Faure: Romance, op.28

4 Franck: Violin Sonata

2 Grieg: Violin Sonata Nr.1, op.8

1 Grieg: Violin Sonata Nr.3, op.45

1 Massenet: Meditation from Thais

1 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.296

3 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.301

1 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.303

6 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.304

1 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.305

1 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.378

1 Mozart: Violin Sonata, k.481

2 Prokofiev: Violin Sonata Nr.2, op.94a

4 R.Strauss: Violin Sonata, op.18

1 Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

1 Raff: Cavatina, op.85-3

1 Schubert: Violin Sonata, D.574

1 Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata, D.821

1 Schubert: Sonatine, op.137-2

5 Schumann: 3 Romance, op.94

2 Schumann: Fairy Tales, op.113

5 Schumann: Violin Sonata Nr.1, op.105

1 Smetana: From my homeland

1 Stravinsky: Suite Italienne

1 Vieuxtemps: Viola Sonata, op.36

1 Vitali: Chaconne

Cello Duo

1 Bach: Viola da Gamba sonate Nr.1, BWV 1027

1 Bach=Gounod: Ave Maria

1 Beethoven: 7 Variations on a theme of Magic Flute, WoO 46

2 Beethoven: Sonata Nr.2, op.5-2

2 Beethoven: Sonata Nr.3, op.69

2 Beethoven: Sonata Nr.4, op.102-1

1 Beethoven: Sonata Nr.5, op.102-2

1 Cassado: Requiebros

1 Debussy: Cello Sonata

1 Faure: Après un rêve

3 Faure: Elegy

1 Faure: Sicilienne

1 Frescobaldi(cassado): Toccata

3 Mendelsohn: Lied ohne worte, op.109

2 Mendelssohn: Cello Sonata Nr.2, op.58

1 Popper: Hangarian Rhapsody

1 Rachmaninoff: Cello Sonata, op.19

2 Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

9 Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata, D.821

4 Schumann: Adagio and Allegro, op.70

2 Schumann: Fantasiestücke, op.73

1 Shostakovich: Cello Sonata, op.40

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